Deathprayer Evangelium

by Arkhaeon

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released August 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Arkhaeon Switzerland

Arkhaeon transcends the darkness inside to gain a clear sight for the ultimate path. Monotonous and sacral music with a vision for more.

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Track Name: S.D.G.I.M.
Smell death and corruption
Under this world in the tombs
Chambers covered with blood
Running through the catacombs

Encased by vague whispers
Death in form of a maze
From torches flesh adheres
And madness offers a gaze

Take the divine stairs
Descent the spiral trails

Supreme manifestations, follow the revelations. Gain the one pure knowledge and open the third eye and see! Realize what so clearly in front of us lies but was forbidden not to touch for so long. To create this unique state of mind travelling through my blood, transcending through devotion.

Oh promethean fire! Opener of eyes! Oh promethean fire! Opener of eyes!

So let me scream this EVANGELIUM and die! AMEN
Track Name: Discreation Spiral
Discharged primordial fears
Assessment of deepest creed
Bitter abysmal screams
Raping every breed

The mortal sheep now crushed
Human souls just torn apart
Crucified and rotting flesh
Let the slaughter now start

Rejection of YHWH
The ultimate truth
Await, enter CHAOS

My blood on is on fire and my heart deflagrates in my chest burning my flesh from inside out. The time is now when stars crush and the sky begins to fall. When creation fails and the human scum dies. The MONUMENT is established, come kill and burn. Turn all that lives into black ashes to blow south and command the flames north. Fill the sky with fire, so hot to melt the centre of this world. Mothers carrying dead foetuses unworthy to be born, foulest stench to invocate the end.

For this glory I pray, for this triumph I believe, for this invocation I sing!
Track Name: Deathprayer Evangelium
Corporal decline to proceed
Forces extracting the soul
Senses of purity perceived
Bursting hosts mortal shell

There deep down in the crown
Their spirits cast in millions
Combined to just the one
Ancestral root of dissolution

Follow the serpents call
Feel it ever present
Invisible, enter CHAOS

Proclaim this mighty speech to stave off the divine lies. The inner blaze is raging, burning through my veins and unleashing black hatred. This is a psalm of execution, an EVANGELIUM of divine downfall!

Desecrate the gift of Jehovah. Where are your lambs now Christ? Your father is dying soon to be rotten flesh covered by vomit and perforated by maggots and worms. Just like your desecrated prophet's corpses years ago. Total Madness drives this symphony of ILLUMINATION!
Track Name: The Golden Soil
Covered with pure gold
The carpet of snakes
On a blood soaked ground
Surrounding mass graves

Unwieldy monoliths of stone
Excelling common reality
Arches of flesh dripping bone
Inverted timescale and gravity

Altars covered with skulls
Myriad chalices filled
Blood to enter CHAOS
Track Name: Adscendo
In the eye of the storm
This enlightened place
Is here to transform
The chosen ones apace

Cosmic manifestation
An essence of fire
Shrines of destruction
Satori's spire

Laugh at the demiurge
Choose disobedience
Fall to enter CHAOS

I am an exporter of an ending existence. Emerging enragement of an effective elimination. I am the broken thorn in the scars of blasphemy. I am supernatural, strength sealing, sagacity and sapience, satori and salvation. I AM GOD

Sacrifice to enforce the process of self-reflection, death as this salvation cannot be found in mortal life. GOD lies deep in me, in my blood and my spirit. Reach for the morning star's light! Grasp the fruit of might
Track Name: दर्शन
Upward on the goldening line
Absorb the one hidden truth
Evoke the inner black flame
Transcend the rules of life

Hear the titans call
Accept the offered light
Encourage men’s final fall
And reach spiritual might

Fire of enlightenment
Downfall of human scum

Catch the traces of dust left over on this alley of concealed cognition. There where only gorges exist. Perceive all void presence and pass through the flames that scald your flesh unto the demise of your cells.

Proceed now, head for the arch built on endurance and pure will, devotion and faithfulness. Stretched through vacuous timeless space, hidden from the eyeless followers. There where perpetual ice will thaw and life will all combust. A cataclysm taking place when all circles are closed, when architecture is doomed to decay and foundations of worlds begin to tremble. There, so RISE wearing a halo of fire, exhaling flames of death, shining in pure light and abacinate unworthy eyes to blindness. There soar revealing the dark void to the universe. So RISE, RISE!